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BlocWave™ EMF Hoodie Mens

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Please note sizing on these hoodies does run small – we advise ordering a size up​

Product description

The BlocWave Men’s Hoodies are part of an EMF protection clothing line designed for comfort and style while shielding against electromagnetic radiation. The fabric used to create all the BlocWave hoodies not only offers a fashionable garment but offers great shielding performance (57-65 dB) and washability. The EMF Men’s hoodie is offered in a wide range of sizes and colors.

Our new BlocWave range of hoodies, leggings and T-shirts is our best selection of EMF Protection clothing by a long way. Until now, we have focussed on only EMF shielding performance and rather neglected style, normality and desirability. When we started to create the BlocWave range to attract a wider market, we discovered a new fabric that not only looks fashionable, but it outstrips all of our former products in terms of shielding performance (57-65 dB) and washability. 

Seriously, go and visit our competitor’s websites, they don’t have anything that remotely compares to BlocWave quality clothing, and in some cases are 250% more expensive. How do you do it I hear you say? Simple. We have been in the business of protecting people from EMF since 2004. We have persevered, won some battles and lost some, but prospered  in the end. You can enjoy the benefits now of our fantastic products, which always exhibit our fair pricing policy.

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