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YSHIELD® EMF Shielding Paint HSF64

High Attenuation

Single layer 39 dB

Double layer 49 dB

Three layer 59 dB


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Product description

YSHIELD® HSF64 EMF Shielding Paint protects against 5G, Wi-Fi, and other wireless signals as well as low-frequency electric fields (LF) caused by things like electrical wiring. HSF64 is the most environmentally friendly paint offered by YSHIELD®. It does not contain a preservation agent.

This EMF blocking paint has been tested and proven effective up to 40 GHz, providing proven protection against current and future 5G frequencies. YSHIELD® RF shielding paints are highly efficient against high and low-frequency EMFs and RF/Microwave radiation. The HSF64 EMF shielding paint is recommended for interior application on walls, ceilings, and floors. It has less adhesion than YSHIELD® HSF54 but as it does not contain a preservation agent it is a great option for people that are chemically sensitive. It has a  5 – 7.5 m²/l coverage and it should be applied to as a prime coat and then preferably covered with regular paint. Click here for video instructions.

As Yshield paint keeps on developing its products, they now have an almost linear shielding attenuation for a very large frequency range. This frequency range has already been including both 5G frequency spectrums for quite some time: FR1 (600 MHz – 6 GHz) and FR2 (24 GHz – 40 GHz).  Yshield paint consciously does not use graphene, a nanomaterial where the hazard potential is still completely unknown. Whatsmore, they have a professional EMC-laboratory according to various standards up to 40 GHz on site, which is operated by long-time experienced staff.

TÜV-SÜD certification

 Yshield paints are monitored by TÜV-SÜD. The whole production process including quality control, emission behavior, and economic use of preserving agents are subject to monitoring.

The shielding report below shows the level of protection given by 1, 2 & 3 layers of paint.

Different YShield Shielding Paints