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Category Archives: Electrosensitivity

EMF Protection

What exactly are EMFs? EMF is short for electromagnetic fields. It is the most common term you will find referring to the radiation given off by wireless devices. An electromagnetic field is an electric and magnetic field that surrounds a moving electric charge. As you can imagine there are rather a lot of those in our environment these days. […]

EMF Wireless Signals Cause Sleep Disturbance

If you have EMF in the form of high-frequency radio waves in your bedroom it will be detrimental to your natural sleep patterns and therefore bad for your health.  The science put simply goes like this, none ionizing pulsed microwave radiation to give wireless transmissions their full title are seen by the brain through the […]

Health risks of wireless technology

*updated 12/02/2019 What are the health risks of wireless technology? Whilst debate continues to rage as to whether or not digital wireless networking technology has a detrimental effect on health or not, it would seem to make sense not to ignore the growing concern that this new environmental pollution could have very serious long-term implications […]

Wireless Radiation Protection