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BlocWiFi™ EMF Protection Fabric 54" wide x 39" long

BlocWiFi™ is our least expensive but most effective EMF protection material. It’s not see-through or breathable and provides excellent EMF shielding. It is an affordable and effective EMF protection material that helps your home shield against radiation coming from cell phone towers, smart meters, Wi-Fi routers, etc. Its opacity makes it a good option to use at home or office windows to block microwave radiation and minimize EMF in any room.

The fabric is 137cm wide and each unit is 100cm long, cut as one continuous length when multiple units are ordered.


Strong Shielding

BlocWiFi™ is our strongest shielding fabric


BlocWiFi™ is conductive and as such can be used to create a Faraday cage

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BlocWiFi™ is an excellent material that you can use to create a faraday cage and shield radiation in diverse ways.  It can be used as a bed mat or placed in strategic areas for EMF protection. It’s commonly used to secure against radio-frequency identification (RFID) fraud and for earthing. It is used to ground beds and usually completely removes dangerous night-time body voltage from your sleeping environment. This material is not see-through nor is breathable which makes it suitable to block radiation while working with laptops or PC tablets. It is also usable as a shield case for mobile phones, Bluetooth car keys, or for identity cards.

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