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EMF Protection Snood & Face Covering

Our dual-purpose snood offers you safe and legal access where face coverings are now mandatory. Plus using our unique high protection emf shielding fabric, it protects the crucial thyroid gland from high-frequency radiation from wi-fi, 5G, mobile phones and masts.



Also works as a face covering when pulled up

Face Covering

Protect against the dangers of EMF’s whilst also having a face covering that meets UK government guidelines for wearing in shops and on public transport.

We have three different sizes available

Small – (great for children)



Why protect your neck?

Israeli scientists have found a possible link between the radiation from cellphones and thyroid cancer. In recent years there has been a steep rise in rates of thyroid cancer in Western countries.

In one experiment, human thyroid cells that were collected from healthy patients were subjected to radiation from a device that had been designed for the study that simulated the electromagnetic radiation emitted by cellphones.

The irradiated thyroid cells proliferated at a much higher, statistically significant rate than non-irradiated cells in the control group. A second experiment using different methods and materials gave similar results.

“The thyroid gland is located in the neck, but the area is located the same distance from the ear as the regions of the brain where [cancerous] growths have been diagnosed as being related to the use of the [cellular] devices. This is a region that is not far from the centre of the device’s radiation,”
said Prof.. Raphael Feinmesser, head of Beilinson’s Ear, Nose and Throat Department who was the lead researcher.


Features a layer of our specialist flexibloc EMF blocking clothing fabric, offering outstanding shielding.

Additional information


Female, Male


Small (Best For Children), Medium, Large


Pink, Turquoise, Black


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