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Top 5 Benefits of Using an EMF Bed Canopy

bed canopy

Did you know one in three adults in the US doesn’t get enough sleep? Even with a few hours of sleep, a few people get quality sleep. If you have insomnia and headaches when you wake up, it’s an indicator that your sleep quality is compromised. The main contributor to sleep problems is EMF pollution. […]

EMF Protection: How to Guard Against Electromagnetic Radiation

Were humans meant to live with all the hi-tech devices that surround us? Many studies have been conducted on the effects smart devices have on our lives. These devices have benefits, but they make many people depressed, disconnected from others, and addicted to their screens. Some suffer physically from these devices. You may feel dizzy, […]

The Ultimate Guide to EMF Shielding Clothing

Are you aware of the dangers of electromotive force (EMF)? In today’s world, it’s impossible to avoid EMF radiation. It is constantly emitting from our phones and other wireless devices, home wiring, WiFi router, and other sources.  The truth is that human bodies are not made to absorb as much EMF radiation as we are […]

The EMF Bed Canopy: An Ultimate Guide

BlocSilver™ EMF Protection Four Poster Canopy With Metal Frame

Your everyday electrical devices are notorious for emitting harmful radiation through the air that our human eye cannot perceive. At such close range and over long periods of time, EMF sources may have harmful effects on you, your body, and your health. An EMF bed canopy can shield you from dangerous radiation as you fall […]

How to Minimize Dirty Electricity in Your Home

Dirty electricity is an anomaly caused by high voltage surges traveling throughout standard wiring that only has a capacity of 50/60-Hertz. It is also known as line noise or electrical noise, and it is one of the many sources of EMF pollution in your home environment. As electronics become more advanced, the standard 50-60 Hz […]

All You Need to Know About Shielding Materials

EMF Shielding Fabric As the need for EMF protection becomes established as a need, EMF shielding fabrics are becoming one of the most sought after EMF protection product. My wife Esther and I  (in my case sixteen years and for Esther its thirteen years) have been helping people with their EMF shielding and we’d love […]

EMF Wireless Signals Cause Sleep Disturbance

If you have EMF in the form of high-frequency radio waves in your bedroom has adverse effects on your natural sleep patterns and therefore could be bad for your health. The science put simply goes like this, none ionizing pulsed microwave radiation to give wireless transmissions their full title, are seen by the brain through the […]

EMF Protection Clothing

EMF Protection Clothing

We are leading manufacturers of EMF Protection clothing, but to be brutally honest we are not sure how EMF clothing protects EHS sufferers.  The only way we know EMF shielding clothing works is via the testimony of our clients.  Yes, we work hard with our range of anti-radiation clothing.  We use our vast knowledge and […]

EMF and Heavy Metal Toxicity

There is a connection between EMF and Heavy Metal Toxicity.  Once you discover the dangers of emf and the need therefore for emf protection, you can get a bit obsessed.  I celebrate the better health that an emf protection program brings.  However, I don’t want it to be the only thing you focus on. Knowledge […]

EMF Exposure

Dr. Martin Cooper is credited with the invention of the mobile phone.  It is claimed he made the first mobile call.  He brought the cell phone to market in 1983. From then on began the world’s spiraling levels of wireless technology and with it a new threat, EMF exposure.  Nowadays is something we are all […]