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EMF and Heavy Metal Toxicity

There is a connection between EMF and Heavy Metal Toxicity.  Once you discover the dangers of emf and the need therefore for emf protection, you can get a bit obsessed.  I celebrate the better health that an emf protection program brings.  However, I don’t want it to be the only thing you focus on.

Knowledge is power

A lot of the information you read on this site will rightly emphasize the need to get yourself an emf detector.  Once you’re in possession of your emf detector you can monitor your environment for excessive radio frequency etc.  Don’t however leave your home, school or office environment as the only monitored area of your life.

Are you suffering the effects of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity and more and more people are in this category? We must recognize that some people can be in the exact same environment as you but feel no ill effects.  How does that work?  Well to be honest although having served the electrosensitivity community internationally since 2004, I can’t give you an exact answer to this question.

I can tell you though what I do and what I’ve seen many other electrosensitive people do.  First of all, they emf monitor their environments.  Then they embark on an emf protection program.  Many of us wear emf protection clothing when we are outside our own emf free zones.

Monitor you, not just your house

I believe another essential is to monitor the internal as well as the external.  Some people believe (and I must admit I’m fast becoming a convert to this) that internal heavy metals such as Mercury and aluminium levels are a significant contributor to Electrosensitivity.  So, let’s monitor ourselves as well as our environment.  You can order your heavy metal hair test here and then in parallel to your emf protection program, once you know what you’re facing, you can begin to eliminate your heavy metals.