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Body Voltage: What Is It And How Can I Reduce It?

earthing and multimeter

“We need to test the electromagnetic exposure of the sleeping location of the mother during pregnancy and also her working area, if she is working. If the mother is sleeping in strong electromagnetic fields the child will be neurologically abnormal. Within 2 years the child will develop all the signs of autism, neurological dysfunction, hyperactivity, […]

EMF Exposure: Signs and Symptoms to Look Out for

EMF exposure

Did you know that by 2025, more than 63% of North America will be covered by 5G networking?  This is not exciting news. This is terrifying. Electromagnetic frequencies are harmful to human health, and soon there will be no escape.  Do you think indigestion or allergies have you feeling crummy? Could your sudden symptoms actually […]

The Dangers of 5G: Facts You May Not Know

dangers of 5G

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you likely have heard of the fifth generation, or 5G, network technology. 5G promises to make your smartphone and other wireless tech easier, faster, and more flexible.  However, despite the benefits of 5G, there are many opponents who cite the dangers of 5G to warn people to be […]

Top Reasons to Start Using EMF Paint Right Away

emf paint

Did you know that we are being exposed to radiation every second of every day? Some of this radiation comes from space and there’s not much we can do about it, but other forms of radiation we have created ourselves due to the increase in electronic devices. This type of radiation is called EMF or […]

5 EMF Protection Products To Try

emf protection products

Studies have shown that electromagnetic fields (EMFs) can cause harm to our health. Some of the symptoms reported include fatigue, headaches, and cognitive impairment. With our use of technology increasing all the time, more and more of us are interested in EMF protection products. These products come in a range of styles, all with the […]

Do I Need EMF Shielding Paint? A Guide

shielding paint

Even in the privacy of our own homes, we’re exposed to a barrage of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) every day. The Internet of Things means everybody and their cat seem to be wirelessly connected! The result is EMF exposure everywhere, including from our neighbors. That’s on top of the EMFs that come in through our windows and […]

WiFi Shielding: How to Block Wireless Fidelity Radiation

There’s a lot of concern over radiofrequency radiation (RFR). Studies of smart meters and other devices in the gigahertz range convince many that WiFi shielding is not only practical but necessary. The number of people feeling they are electrohypersensitive or have EHS is increasing. The medical system can’t come to grips with why. The studies hardly […]

How 5G Protection Can Improve Your Health

5g shielding

Did you know that a significant amount of global citizens believe in a link between 5G and Covid-19? When theories sprung up, citizens started to take aim at 5G towers around the nation. But, does 5G EMF really impact our physical health? Is there a verifiable link between the new tech and health consequences? Are […]

5G Shielding: How to Protect Yourself From Fifth-Generation Wireless

5th gen protection

5G is the almighty technology here to emit faster signals, embedding us deeper into the virtual grid than we already are. 5G is the technology nobody seemed to ask for but suddenly was delivered and served to us on a silver platter. Not only is it delivering a broader ability to connect and plugging us […]

Cell Tower Protection: How to Block Radiation in Your Home

Cell tower protection

Hundreds of scientific studies underscore health problems related to cell phone tower radiation. The electromagnetic frequency causes illness for those living close to cell phone towers. Our modern technology provides us with instant communication unparalleled in history. Touching a screen sends a message around the world in mere seconds. In addition, cell phone and WiFi […]