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EMF Radiation Effects on Children

Are you concerned about your children’s use of cell phones and other wireless devices? Keep reading and learn how to minimize their risk of cell phone cancer.

There is growing evidence that cell phone radiation causes cancer so as responsible parents we should be aware that the effects that EMF exposure from cell phones and other wireless devices can have on our little loved ones. Children are not only more exposed to EMF radiation but also they are exposed at an earlier age making them more vulnerable because they have thinner skulls and their developing brains, eyes, and bone marrow absorb this radiation three to ten times deeper than adults.

The charity Children With Cancer held a conference in London in April 2012 and one of the subjects debated was “brain tumors, mobile phones and childhood cancer”, chaired by Geoffrey Pilkington.

Mr. Pilkington, a professor of cellular and molecular neuro-oncology for four decades, believes that parents should adopt precautions: “If there is any possibility that mobiles can cause tumors, it would suggest children are more vulnerable because their brain cells are still dividing. Anyone who has children wants them to be exposed to risk as little as possible. Therefore until we know more about all possible risks, not only from radiation, parents might want to think carefully about giving children a phone.”

Kevin O’Neill, a consultant neurosurgeon at Charing Cross Hospital and chairman of the Brain Tumour Research Campaign, shares Mr. Pilkington’s caution. “There have been many studies looking at the risk of mobile phone use,” says Mr. O’Neill. “Some have shown no increased risk and some have shown some increased risk. If the World Health Organisation classifies them as a possible link to the formation of brain tumors, then we need to be cautious about our exposure, particularly if there is a long lag phase between exposure and the production of their health effects.”

Might I be so bold as to suggest to you that we are witnessing a repeat via the cell phone operators of the spin and miss information which hallmarked the smoking health fiasco when the tobacco companies through their lobbyists managed to deny the general public of the revelation that cigarettes caused cancer (leading to many millions of unnecessary deaths) for about three decades and that the voices of the good and true above are being drowned out as pound upon dollar is poured into campaigns to show cell phones as sexy must have risk free devices. Unless that is you read the small print where often you will find thinly veiled disclaimers just enough for use in future court cases but vague enough to not cause too much concern. Take a look at your iPhone instructions if you doubt me before you issue your final children and cell phone family policy?

Yes I know it sounds radical but we are dealing with the prospect of allowing our children to do something that could cause them to suffer dreadful neurological disease or even slow painful death.

Here is some practical advice to lower your children’s exposure to EMF radiation:

  • Encourage them to text more than talk on the cell phone.
  • Keep calls short and for emergencies only.
  • Use the speaker with the phone at least two feet away from them.
  • For private calls use a headset with air tubes or phone radiation protection.