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EMF exposure

EMF Exposure: Signs and Symptoms to Look Out for

Did you know that by 2025, more than 63% of North America will be covered by 5G networking? 

This is not exciting news. This is terrifying. Electromagnetic frequencies are harmful to human health, and soon there will be no escape. 

Do you think indigestion or allergies have you feeling crummy? Could your sudden symptoms actually be signs of EMF exposure? 

Keep reading to learn more about signs and symptoms and how you can protect yourself and your loved ones from EMF exposure. 

5G Networks and EMF Are on the Rise

As technology attempts to keep up with the massive demand of modern society, new inventions in networking are on the rise. 5G, or fifth-generation cellular networks, are the latest update in telecommunications.

Cellular networks send information to and from devices with electromagnetic frequencies (EMF). In the past, these frequencies have been relatively weak. 5G has the strongest and fastest bandwidth yet, and the strength of these frequencies has led some people to feel concerned about radiation. 

Many government agencies and advocates of 5G claim that there are no health concerns involved with 5G. The spread of 5G service promises faster, easier, and more flexible cellular coverage. The dangerous truths about 5G and electromagnetic frequencies are often hidden from the public.  

EMFs Are a Health Risk

What is EMF exposure, and why does it matter?

Electromagnetic frequencies are essentially radiation. In long wavelengths, like radio waves, these electromagnetic waves are essentially harmless. However, short wavelengths like X-rays and Gamma-rays can be extremely dangerous to humans. 

5G EMF wavelengths fall into the category of “non-ionizing radiation,” which leads some people to believe they are not harmful. The science shows otherwise. 

Scientific studies can only determine a fraction of the effects of 5G EMF exposure. This is because they are not able to simulate the real-life levels of EMF. Even in these diluted cases, studies have found the effects of 5G on the human body to be incredibly harmful.  

One study found that 5G can cause damage to skin, eyes, and deeper body systems. Severe instances of EMF exposure may cause cancer, neurodegeneration, infertility, behavioral and mental health problems, and cardiovascular damage. 

To reiterate, these studies are only able to discover a fraction of the damage that would occur from real-life levels of EMF exposure. The only way we will know the true risks to human health is to see 5G implemented on a large scale. And then it will be too late. 

Common Signs and Symptoms of EMF Exposure

Radiation can affect all body systems. This includes both physical and psychological systems. Studies have found EMF exposure and anxiety symptoms together often. 

The radiation from 5G technology is not as severe as the radiation from an atomic bomb. The effects may not be so extreme at first, but they are still harmful over time. Consider what would happen if you were slowly microwaved alive.

The effects of 5G are already upon us. Do you think electromagnetic frequencies may be causing you to feel ill? These are some of the common symptoms of EMF exposure: 

  • Poor sleep or insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Brain fog
  • Anxiety
  • Tinnitus
  • Dizziness
  • Skin redness, rash, or itching
  • Heat intolerance
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Chest pain
  • Heart palpitations

This list isn’t exhaustive by any means. 5G is still a very new technological development. It will be many years before we understand the full effects of EMF exposure. 

These symptoms are common in other health conditions as well. With the rapid spread of 5G, it is highly possible that your sickness is a result of radiation. Luckily, EMF detectors may be able to help you determine the level of danger in your home or workplace. 

Social and Environmental Consequences of EMF

The increased strength and bandwidth of 5G technology will impact our families and social structures. An increase in electromagnetic frequencies means an increase in anxiety and fatigue. This will impact the way we interact with others. 

World leaders are already cautioned against the use of 5G technology. Communication between world leaders and scientists is becoming strained. There is more political gain to make from increasing public technology. 

Increases in technology come at a high price. In order to spread 5G across the country, 24,000 new cell phone towers will need to be built in the United States. This means increased deforestation and uprooting of native animal populations. 

As humans encroach further into nature, more endangered species will emerge. Humans will not be the only ones harmed by 5G and EMF. Animals’ bodies will also experience the EMF exposure symptoms listed above.

Protect Yourself from Harmful EMF Exposure

Now that you’ve learned the signs and symptoms of EMF exposure and how 5G will impact our lives, what can you do about it? Here is how to decrease EMF exposure to protect yourself and your family. 

Know Thy Enemy

To understand your risk level, you’ll need to see the unseen. Knowing the level of electromagnetic radiation in your area can help you determine the right steps to take in protecting yourself. 

EMF detectors are a vital tool and a worthwhile investment as 5G continues to grow. Have you noticed a new cell tower built near you? It’s time to investigate. 

Dress for the Future

EMF-resistant clothing is your first line of defense against harmful radiation. These special garments will shield your body from the toxicity of EMFs and help you lead a happier, healthier life for many years to come. 

Guard Your Castle

Did you know you can also shield your home from wireless waves? EMF-blocking paint, window films, and more are growing in popularity as people prepare for the takeover of 5G technology. Shielding your home will protect your whole family. 

The Future of 5G and You

To combat the spreading of 5G, there are options of building a small radius network with local computers or even blocking the signals from the outside completely. The choice is up to you, but change is unavoidable. 

Are you prepared for the spread of 5G and EMF exposure? Browse our selection of top-quality protective gear to keep you, your belongings, and your loved ones safe.