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EMF Protection: 7 Methods to Reduce Radiation From EMF Emitting Devices

Have you ever wondered why your sleep has gotten worse in the last decade? That may be down to the increasing number of gadgets emitting EMF we have in our homes. More and more people each day are now acknowledging they have EMF Hypersensitivity. If that sounds like you, then keep reading. Here are seven steps you can take to reduce EMF exposure from EMF emitting devices.

1. Use a Faraday Cage

A Faraday cage is an enclosure made from a conductive material. Such materials include metal mesh or aluminum, and it’s a cheap and effective method for EMF protection for home use.

These metals block the passage of electromagnetic waves or other forms of energy. Faraday cages block RFID such as car key repeaters to avoid theft.

But they also make great homes for all your tech when not in use. Wrap your smartphone, tablet, or laptop before putting it inside the box. This way, no EMFs will leak out into your home.

If you don’t want to buy a Faraday cage, you can even make one in your own home! All you need is a box and some aluminum foil.

2. Turn Off Gadgets When Not in Use

If possible, turn off all cell phones, computers, tablets, and similar electronics. These electronics are most dangerous in children’s toys, and that’s because they tend to be smaller and closer to the head, as well as the fact studies show that children absorb more EMFs than adults!

And remember, some gadgets such as smart home devices are “always on.” So make sure that even these get turned off at the mains at night. That way, you only use them when needed.

3. Get Rid of Your Electronics Lifestyle

You might think this is a bit extreme but cutting back on your electronics lifestyle is very important. If you’re the type of person who stares at a screen, chances are you’re getting exposed and need to prevent EMF radiation.

The problem with technology is that it’s so convenient, and we can do everything online and at speed. But we usually end up forgetting how much time we spend using it.

And, if you’re considering owning a smart home, think again. How valuable is it to your everyday life? If you have mobility issues, then a smart home assistant is invaluable in providing newfound freedom.

But if you’re young, fit and healthy, then reconsider that shiny new toy as the long-term effects might not be worth your while.

4. Keep Electronics Out of the Bedroom

It’s well-documented that EMF disrupts sleep. So, if at all possible, keep electronic devices out of bedrooms. Many parents put TVs in their kids’ rooms because it seems like a fun way to watch shows while they’re sleeping.

Yet, this reduces quality time with them as well as a bad night’s sleep.
If you’re worried about alarms, then invest in an old-school alarm clock.

Not only do they make great talking pieces, but they’re also EMF-free. So you can wake up from your great night’s sleep without feeling like you need to go back to bed!

5. Get Rid of Electromagnetic Toys

Electronic toys have become a big part of childhood playtime, but many risks are associated with these products—children of a younger age relish in the simplest things in life.

Every child has received an expensive birthday present only to use the cardboard box like a rocket at some point!

Plus, grandparents love to keep traditions going with classic toys. Yet, these days, most kids get excited over high-tech gadgets that don’t even work well enough.

Instead, opt for wooden train sets or traditional dolls, and these won’t cause any harm to your child’s developing nervous system.

6. Use EMF Paint on Your Walls

EMF shielding paint is a great way to stop harmful frequencies from entering the room. In particular, EMFs from the wiring in your walls. EMF paint is available online and in stores.

Some brands contain copper, and copper helps block the absorption of electric fields into your body. Despite this, copper does not interfere with the performance of magnetic fields.

The great thing about EMF paint is it’s much more available than ever, and much of that is thanks to the surge in online businesses.

Also, huge increases in demand are due to the more connected world we live in today. So make sure to protect yourself for the long-term health benefits.

7. Wear EMF Protection Clothing

Special EMF Protection clothing is a great way to protect yourself. That’s most true if you carry your phone in your pockets. The fabric used in these clothes absorbs the negative ions released by the device.

In doing so, it prevents the negative ions from harming your health. You can buy EMF protection clothing online or through retailers such as Amazon.

When carrying your phone around, try using a bag made especially for 5G EMF protection. You can also use a handbag or backpack. You may find that keeping it away helps you stay healthier as it’s not touching your body. Even a small distance can make a huge difference.

EMF Protection Is Vital

There are many methods for protecting yourself from EMFs. The best thing to do would be to read into how to live a healthy lifestyle and create new healthy habits. Start by reading up on the dangers of EMF radiation and learn how to avoid them using EMF protection.

Now you’re ready to invest, take a look at our products and services, and let us help you give you the stress-free life you deserve!

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