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Author Archives: Glynn

BlocPaint FAQ’s

Blocpaint EMF shielding paint top 10 FAQ Is Blocpaint right for your needs? Read our FAQ’s to find out. BlocPaint FAQ’s Does Blocpaint EMF Shielding paint really work and how? Yes, a combination of Carbon fibre and Graphite particles is put together scientifically.  By using quality binders it combines correctly and reflects some and absorbs […]

EMF shielding clothing works!

EMF shielding clothing works! We are leading manufacturers of emf shielding clothing, but to be brutally honest we are not sure how emf clothing protects EHS sufferers.  The only way we know emf shielding clothing works is via the testimony of our clients.  Yes, we work hard with our range of emf shielding clothing.  We […]

EMF fabric shielding materials selection

EMF fabric shielding materials selection As the need for emf protection becomes more well-known emf fabric shielding materials are becoming a better-understood entity.  But unless you spend your life helping people with their emf shielding.  As my wife Esther and I do.  You will likely value a bit of guidance as to which emf shielding […]

Whole house emf protection.

Whole house emf protection. The only real way to achieve whole house emf protection is to install emf shielding against ALL the emf intrusion points. EMF protection Pendant You cannot at this point be secure with any form of friendly signal override device, such as an emf protection pendant.  Now there is significant scientific evidence […]

electromagnetic hypersensitivity

electromagnetic hypersensitivity Here is a short and concise document to debunk the mystery of electromagnetic hypersensitivity.  The purpose of this post is to help you self diagnose your state of electromagnetic hypersensitivity otherwise referred to as Electro-hypersensitivity or electro-sensitivity and take appropriate action. Can I point you to some free lifestyle changes and some not […]

EMF Protection

What exactly are EMFs? EMF is short for electromagnetic fields. It is the most common term you will find referring to the radiation given off by wireless devices. An electromagnetic field is an electric and magnetic field that surrounds a moving electric charge. As you can imagine there are rather a lot of those in our environment these days. […]

Everything You Need To Know About A Mobile Radiation Shield

As concern grows regarding cell phone EMF radiation and electropollution, mobile radiation shields or products claiming to protect from electrosmog are appearing with alarming regularity. However, a lot of the products purporting to act as protection against radiation can’t or simply don’t work, and consequently, do not cure electrosensitivity and other side effects of the exposure to […]

Wireless Radiation Protection