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EMF Clothing

Designed to shield you from electromagnetic radiation when you are on the go, wearing an EMF protection hoodie, T-shirt, or anti-radiation hat, can help you reduce your exposure to EMFs and protect your vital organs from harmful radiation in the workplace, on the train, or in the car.

We believe our EMF shielding materials are the best in the world, and we offer a range of EMF shielding clothing for all the family that has been designed and manufactured in our UK-based facilities and tested to keep you safe!

We have been in this business since 2004. We know what we are doing!

Why choose our faraday clothing range?

Our EMF clothing stands out as the premier choice on the market when it comes to safeguarding against EMF radiation while on the move. Hand-made with high-quality shielding fabrics, our garments are essential for city life, and provide unparalleled protection from cell towers, Wi-Fi, and cell phone radiation. Whether you’re navigating a bustling city teeming with 5G signals or constantly on the go in our increasingly digital world, our clothing provides a comprehensive shield against electromagnetic radiation. With a commitment to both style and functionality, our clothing ensures you remain safe without compromising on comfort or aesthetics. Experience the peace of mind that comes with the best-in-class EMF protection and embrace the modern world with confidence.

FlexiBloc Hoodie