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Blocbag Original Swiss Shield EMF Sleeping Bag


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Great for RF protection when you travel.

Product description

Our EMF Sleeping Bag offers much of the cell tower radiation shielding qualities and therefore improved sleep patterns of its bigger sisters, the cell phone radiation protection bed canopies, but at a much smaller financial cost and it’s portable too easily slipping into your suitcase meaning even those suffering from severe electrosensitivity can now consider that trip away that they never felt was possible.
This EMF protection Sleeping bag is made from two great quality shielding fabrics, Swiss Shield Wear for the body and New Daylite at the front and top to allow breathing whilst fully enclosed but with a full zip so that you make the decision regarding how much of your body to cover up depending on exposure temperature and personal comfort.

Both Swiss Shield New Daylite and Wear fabrics are durable and washable and last up to 40 washes. This EMF shielding sleeping bag comes in two different sizes to cover all needs.

*Our cell phone radiation protection EMF sleeping bag became an immediate hit when it was launched in 2010, and surprised us with the number of sales and favorable reports received.


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