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5th gen protection

5G Shielding: How to Protect Yourself From Fifth-Generation Wireless

5G is the almighty technology here to emit faster signals, embedding us deeper into the virtual grid than we already are. 5G is the technology nobody seemed to ask for but suddenly was delivered and served to us on a silver platter.

Not only is it delivering a broader ability to connect and plugging us into a reality that will soon be impossible to turn away from; it’s also killing us slowly through electromagnetic radiation exposure. 

If you’re concerned about the agenda being promoted and the negative effects 5G will have, read further to find out about 5G shielding.

Stay Grounded in Nature: 5G Shielding

One way to limit your exposure and the effects of 5G is to stay grounded to the earth. Leaving your phone at home and getting time in nature allows you to recoup your energy. 

5G has the potential to leave people feeling more drained than usual. Using technology, in general, is linked with causing energy drainage. Limiting your time on electronic devices gives you some distance from direct emf damage. 

Connecting with nature is crucial for staying mentally and emotionally healthy. Often people feel disassociated when spending too much time on devices and not enough time grounded in the real world. Scheduling time for device-free moments ensures you get what you need.

Unplug and Adjust Your Phone’s Settings

Along with using devices less, 5G shielding takes place when unplugging electronics that are not in use. Simple ways for shielding from 5G include unplugging your wifi’s router at night. 

You don’t use your router when you sleep anyways. Sleeping with a router near you or in your general vicinity can cause poor sleep. Since quality sleep is linked to quality health, reducing interruptions is a good idea. 

In addition, you can unplug any electronics in your home when they aren’t in use. With TVs, laptops, phones, and more, that all connect to wifi and sometimes even 5G networks, unplugging or turning them off comes in handy. 

Putting your phone on airplane mode makes it so that it doesn’t broadcast signals to try to connect to nearby towers. This is a sure 5G shield. Otherwise, you can adjust your settings by going to connections and mobile networks and auto-connecting to 4G or below. 

Protective Clothing and Gear

Protective clothing can help shield your body from the harmful effects of 5G. The clothing is specifically designed to act as a smart 5G shield. With silver added to combat radiation, protective clothing is a great emf shield. 

Protective clothing shields vital organs from having too much radiation damage. 

Stay Safe

Implementing these tips is a starting point when it comes to 5G shielding. In a society obsessed with technological advancement, it may only get harder to outrun areas surrounded by 5G networks. 

Staying knowledgeable on how to shield from 5G is something we’ll have to do for the rest of our lives. To begin, check out these 5G protective clothes for added safety, along with regularly detoxing and unplugging.