How EMF’s Affect Your Sleep

Are EMF’s disturbing your sleep?

The EMF radiation created by the modern wireless signals needed to operate cell phones, Wi-Fi, cordless phones, smart meters, baby monitors, etc. affects everybody’s health but in different ways.

The effect starts in the bedroom, your sleep is affected which means your immune system is affected which means your overall health, actually, life is altered in a negative fashion have had little or no sleep at all.  This is because although your eyes can’t see RF pollution, the brain sees the pulsed microwave radiation which forms the wireless signal as a form of bright light (the nearer you are to the source of the radiation, the brighter the light) which leads it to shut down melatonin production.  According to some scientific research Melatonin levels are particularly low in patients with Alzheimer’s disease. Nearly half of affected individuals suffer from sleep disturbances increased confusion, agitation, and other symptoms in the afternoon and evening.  Much advice is given regarding lighting, restricting TV/screen viewing, etc., which is all good and correct, however, if you have a cell phone tower? within 500 meters of your bedroom or are trying to sleep next door to your neighbors wireless broadband router or any other form of pulsed microwave radiation from wireless communication networks either big or small then one things for sure you won’t get the Melatonin you need for healthy living.

If you’re not at your optimum health then there are no doubt many “modern world health issues” but one of the emerging rogue elements in the world’s accelerating health crisis is exposure to modern wireless communication radiation.  Here are 7 ways (in order of low lifestyle interruption and low or no-cost first) you can reduce your exposure and begin the path to optimum natural melatonin production.

  1. Turn off your phones and Wi-Fi router at night, or more radically eliminate significant amounts of EMF’s that would otherwise enter your body by switching the power off at the mains.
  2. 1 hour before bed switch off all screens, read a book, or chat with your partner.
  3. Replace bedroom lighting with a salt lamp.
  4. Hire or buy an EMF detector to find out what external sources of wireless communication radiation are present in your sleeping environment.
  5. If your wireless radiation exposure is high, then the easiest low-risk way to experience a healthy reduction in exposure to the phone mast or your neighbor’s Wi-Fi signal is to consider an EMF shielding bed canopy
  6. If having tried the bed canopy you want to do something more permanent then full home shielding can be an option, for that, you need conductive microwave EMF shielding paint 
  7. In cases where mobile phone masts (cell phone towers) are too intrusive, you may have to move.


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