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emf detection

6 EMF Detection Supplies You Need to Protect Against Radiation

Electromagnetic Field Radiation is everywhere. It is invisible, and in some cases, it can be harmful and cause us to get sick.

We are constantly bombarded with radiation every day of our lives. It is unavoidable with the amount of modern technology that exists in the world today. Many people are concerned about the amount of EMF radiation that is invading our homes and bodies and whether there is a major health risk.

Some scientists are still investigating the dangers of all types of EMF radiation, but it is known that ionizing radiation can be harmful. The jury is still out on the rest, which is why it is important to be vigilant and protect ourselves and our homes from this invisible potential danger.

EMF detection is a good place to start. You need to keep yourself informed on how much EMF radiation you are experiencing on a daily basis. In this guide, we will take you through the main ways that you can detect and protect yourself from EMF radiation. We will look at the top 6 items you can buy for your home to keep you and your family safe.

What Is EMF Radiation?

In our modern lives, we are surrounded by electronic devices. They make our lives easier and reduce the amount of time it takes us to perform certain tasks. However, they all produce Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMFs) wherever and whenever they use electricity.

Our own Sun produces EMF radiation which we can perceive as visible light. We are aware that too much contact with the Sun’s natural light can cause skin damage and, at later stages, cancer.

In the early 20th century, scientists began to realize that our own production of electricity was also giving out radiation in the form of EMFs. Wherever you could find an electrical device, you could also find EMF radiation.

With over 90% of the world’s population now using electricity and producing EMF radiation, we are living in a permanent state of bombardment. Our personal devices like microwaves, computers, wireless routers, cellphones, and Bluetooth devices are keeping us surrounded by a bubble of EMF radiation.

Is EMF Radiation Dangerous?

While some scientists remain unconcerned by the potential damage that EMF radiation can do to the human body, many continue to research whether EMF is dangerous. 

There is considerable evidence that High-Frequency EMFs like those used in X-Ray machines and CT scans are dangerous. We know that these EMFs will damage DNA and cells in your body. Likewise, the UV radiation that tanning beds produce and radioactive material both cause cellular damage.

Research into lower frequency EMFs is still ongoing, but many believe that this constant bombardment from this type of radiation is also damaging our cells. Scientists are continuing their research, but in the meantime, it is up to us to protect ourselves from potential cell damage.

Those who have reported sensitivity to EMF radiation have various symptoms that can be difficult to identify. Often people report experiencing headaches and tremors, dizziness and memory loss, and a loss of concentration when experiencing a high level of EMF radiation.

So the question should not be is EMF dangerous, but how do we detect and protect ourselves from it. That is where our range of EMF detection supplies and protective shielding comes in.

With our line of EMF detection products, you can identify how much EMF radiation you are experiencing and shield your home and body from its effects. Let’s take a look at the top six products that will offer you the best protection from EMF radiation.

1. EMF Detection

An EMF detector in your home will help you identify radiation sources and allow you to better protect yourself from them. EMF radiation is invisible and undetectable to the human body. You need EMF detection to be able to define the source and quantity of EMF radiation in your home.

They are easy to install and use and most come with a visual guide to the amount of EMF radiation you are currently experiencing in a location. Some are designed to pick up higher frequencies, like those coming from induction cooking hobs, solar panels, and some fluorescent bulbs.

Others can identify the low-level background radiation coming from your personal devices and external sources such as cell towers, WIFI routers, and mobile phones.

Most reputable detectors will offer an audible alarm when the radiation rises to unacceptable levels. Also, they are often portable, so you can keep them on you as you move around your property.

They can give you peace of mind as to which parts of your home are the safest to be in and which have higher levels of EMF radiation. This way, you know you can move to a zone with EMF radiation protection when needed.

2. EMF Bedroom Canopies

At night when you are bound to one location, it can be difficult to find comfort or security from background EMF radiation. If your property is adjoined or close to your neighbors, you may be experiencing EMF radiation from their WIFI network without realizing it.

One of the major symptoms of EMF radiation that people report regularly is sleep disturbances. If you are having trouble sleeping and you are unsure why this may be the cause.

A sleep canopy over your bed could be the perfect solution for keeping EMF frequencies out of your sleep space whilst making your bedroom look elegant and chic.

Many come in a four-poster style with either a metallic or wooden frame. The canopy shields you from 5G signals from mobile devices as well as offering protection from EMF radiation up to 40GHz.

The fabric is opaque and breathable so that you can feel comfortable and safe but not claustrophobic. The canopies are also extremely portable, so you can take them with you if you go to stay with friends and family but wish to stay within a zone of EMF radiation protection. In fact, they will provide you with a radiation-reduced place that you can relax in when away from the normal protections of your home.

3. EMF Protective Clothing

It may not seem possible to keep yourself protected from the vast amount of EMF radiation that fills our modern lives when you are out and about. Everything from cell towers to street lights will be releasing some level of EMF radiation, and when you are outside of the house, you may feel less protected.

Luckily, there is an EMF clothing range that can help you feel safer and more protected when you are away from home. Focusing on head and body protection, we have a selection of stylish and yet effective shielding clothing designed to keep you and your family safe from background radiation when you go to the store, out for a jog, or meeting friends.

Everybody you pass these days has a cellular phone in their pocket. Even when you are walking the streets or getting some exercise, you are constantly being bombarded by unwanted EMF radiation.

Our EMF clothing range includes hoodies, leggings, and beanie hats that help reduce the amount of EMF radiation you can come into contact with daily. All of our clothing has been fully tested and designed to keep you safe.

Our clothes are perfect for working out at the gym without having to worry about the sheer amount of radiation coming off the machines, lights, TVs, and mobile phones.

4. EMF Paint

Shielding paint is an ideal way to bring full coverage protection into your home and is a highly effective method for blocking EMF radiation. EMF paint comes in black as it is made from carbon and graphite particles. However, once you have the protective covering in place, you can easily paint over it with the preferred color of your choice.

The more coats of paint you can apply will increase the amount of protection that you will receive in that room. You can use an EMF detector to check the difference between a room that has been painted with EMF paint and one that hasn’t, and the results will impress you.

EMF paint shields you from 5G and WIFI signals as well as any electrical wiring that may be running through your walls. It is a great way to reduce the internal background radiation present in your own home. Use it in the bedroom with a canopy to provide the maximum amount of protection whilst you sleep.

5. EMF Fabrics

The majority of EMF radiation that gets into your home is actually coming through the windows. Glass does little to offer you protection from EMF waves. It is, after all, designed to let light pass through with ease.

However, there is a solution that can help keep your windows protected and your family safe. You can apply EMF fabrics to windows or other areas of your home to shield you from incoming rays.

You need to select a fabric based on the type of radiation you mostly wish to block. Fabrics will block one kind of radiation more effectively than another. Therefore, it is important to choose which type and frequency of radiation you want to block before choosing your fabric.

Each fabric offers a high level of shielding but is also opaque enough to not block light from entering a room. With the fabrics, you can create curtains, wall hangings, or even room dividers to provide additional EMF protection within the room space itself.

Some fabrics are suitable for use within the bed, so you can create a bed mat that will shield you from EMF radiation from below whilst a canopy protects you at the sides and above. The fabrics are customizable and versatile enough that you can create whatever you need to help bring more EMF shielding into your home.

6. Mobile Phone Protection 

It is difficult these days to leave home without carrying your mobile device. They are essential to our lives but also sources of EMF radiation which we constantly carry with us.

The World Health Organization has called cells phones a hazard that may be contributing to the increase in brain tumors due to their usage.

We know that using cable headphones or speaker mode is the best way to help protect ourselves from EMF radiation when taking a call or using our devices. But what about when that device is in your pocket 24/7?

We offer mobile phone shielding cases that give you the protection you need every day when you are out and about carrying your phone. Placing your phone in a bag is a good start to help reduce the radiation proximity to your body, but a mobile case that helps shield the rays is even better.

Our range of cases will protect you from electromagnetic fields but also allow you to keep your call quality at high fidelity. They fit the majority of cell phones on the market and give you greater peace of mind when carrying your cell phone on your body.

Protect Your Home From EMF Radiation

EMF radiation is something that we will have to live with for the rest of our lives. As the modern world increases in size and complexity, so to do the number of devices that will be bombarding us with radiation.

This does not mean, though, that we have to live in a defenseless state. You can give yourself shielding from the majority of electromagnetic waves both at home and when outside with our clothing range. EMF detection is now easier and more portable than ever.

Make sure that your family is shielded and safe from the ever-increasing amount of EMF radiation in our world. Check out our range of EMF detection supplies and make your lives safer and more comfortable in our technologically charged world.