EMF Shielding Paint FAQ’s

Find out if EMF Shielding piant is right for your needs by reading our top FAQ’s Does Blocpaint EMF Shielding paint really work and how? Yes, a combination of Carbon fibre and Graphite particles is put together scientifically.  By using quality binders it combines correctly and reflects some and absorbs some of the high-frequency microwave […]

Bed Canopy FAQ’s

I wanted to write an emf bed canopy FAQ to help you decide whether or not emf protection bed canopies are the way to go for you! You can check out or online shop to find our range of EMF Bed Canopies Do emf protection bed canopies work? Absolutely, but you need to pick the […]

Whole house emf protection.

Whole house emf protection. The only real way to achieve whole house emf protection is to install emf shielding against ALL the emf intrusion points. EMF protection Pendant You cannot at this point be secure with any form of friendly signal override device, such as an emf protection pendant.  Now there is significant scientific evidence […]