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WiFi Shielding: How to Block Wireless Fidelity Radiation

There’s a lot of concern over radiofrequency radiation (RFR). Studies of smart meters and other devices in the gigahertz range convince many that WiFi shielding is not only practical but necessary.

The number of people feeling they are electrohypersensitive or have EHS is increasing. The medical system can’t come to grips with why. The studies hardly reflect a real-life scenario, with constant bombardment from various sources.

So how can you get cell tower protection, WiFi shielding, 5G EMF protection, and general EMF protection? Keep reading to find out what you can do, starting today.

WiFi Shielding and 5G shielding: The Available Options

Destroying 5G towers and cell towers isn’t an option. Illegal vandalism and violence won’t change things, and equipment is easy — though expensive — to replace.

So what can you do? You can shield yourself.

You can’t live in a Faraday cage for the rest of your life. But there are many practical steps you can take to live a full life — even surrounded by EMF.

There are many products that can wrap you in a Faraday cage-like protection, though. Like what?

  • EMF shielding fabrics
  • EMF bed canopy
  • EMF shielding tent
  • EMF shielding paint
  • EMF shielding clothing

Learning how to block WiFi radiation and what materials block WiFi radiation is a lot easier than you might think. A WiFi shield protects against this radiation. What is a WiFi Shield?

Many WiFi routers use 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz, as well as 60Ghz. These happen to be the same frequencies as 4G and 5G that phones use.

Any properly conductive metal can serve as a protection against EMF like WiFi and 5G. Weaving metals like silver or copper into clothing can give you an EMF shielding fabric that you can use for tents, clothing, bed canopies, and even in subflooring.

What About Walls and Windows?

WiFi shielding can even be in paint. EMF shielding paint used as primer contains carbon and graphite particles that are effective for blocking 5G, WiFi, and other EMF, such as electrical wiring.

Better yet, you can paint over it with whatever color or paint you then prefer. Used in conjunction with grounding tape and grounding plugs, you’ll have WiFi shielding in your home that would make Michael Faraday proud.

But what about windows? Natural EMF radiation also comes through visible light, infrared, and UV. Using properly grounded EMF blocking fabrics and EMF blocking film gives your home and business total protection.

WiFi Shielding Made Simple

EMF Protection, founded by Glynn Hughes, is dedicated to providing the shielding clothing, fabrics, detectors, and protection that we all need, regardless of EHS symptoms or not.

EMF radiation is a very real threat in our modern world that goes unseen and unknown by the majority. All of our WiFi shielding products are tested and proven to be reliable and safe.

Get in touch today to find out more or get consulting on what you need to be protected.

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