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The windows of your home will most likely be where the majority of emf gets in.  Therefore emf protection fabric for windows is the place to start.  Simply establish the type of emf you need to shield against.  Do that by measuring the emf using an emf detector such as an acousticom. This will allow you to recognize the type of high-frequency radiation you are shielding from.  Then and only then should you choose your EMF Protection Fabric.


EMF Protection Fabric

Swiss Shield Naturelle Fabric


EMF Protection Fabric

Wear Radiation Shielding Fabric


EMF Protection Fabric

EMF Fabric Sample Pack of 4

$127.19 $110.39

EMF Protection Fabric

Artecs Topaz EMF Shielding fabric

$94.79 $79.19

EMF Protection Fabric

Blocwifi 1 Unit = 108cm x 100cm

Wireless Radiation Protection