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A Complete Guide to EMF Shielding Fabrics

Every day you and your family are exposed to cell-damaging radiation. 

Harmful EMF waves are all around us. On the most miniature scale, they emit from your television and laptop. On the largest and most dangerous scale, there are cell phone towers.

They are invisible to the naked eye, but that doesn’t detract from their threat. 

Keep reading to learn how EMF shielding fabrics protect you and your family.

What Are EMFs?

EMF stands for electromagnetic field. These covert electric and magnetic waves are considered radiation and are by-products of electricity.

Radiofrequency (RF) and microwaves are the ones that most of us come into contact with most frequently. Familiar sources of RF and microwaves are the electronics you interact with daily.

These include the waves emitted from your microwave to your Wi-Fi router. Power lines, cell phone towers, and cell phones are also common offenders. 

Why Do We Need EMF Protection?

You are wrong if you think you have no exposure to electromagnetic radiation (ER). For example, your phone acts as a radio tower every time you send a text message or make a call. The mini phone tower in your pocket puts you close to radiation from radio frequencies.

Not to mention the power lines and cell phone towers that crisscross the streets in your neighborhood. 5G towers promise to put us all in close quarters with EMFs.

Yet, the world we live in relies on these potent technologies to survive. Luckily, there are some ways to prevent harm from EMFs.

What Are EMF Shielding Fabrics?

You are not alone if you’re asking; what is EMF shielding fabric?

The best EMF shielding fabrics work by significantly limiting the level of harmful rays that reach your body. Different materials protect against different frequency levels. They also offer varying levels of breathability and visibility.

Your first step in choosing an EMF shielding fabric is to determine the frequency levels it’s meant to protect against and the fabric’s purpose. You can assess frequency levels by using an EMF monitor.

If the intention is to create EMF shielding clothing, then the material must be flexible and breathable. Depending on specific use, you also need to determine if visibility is required.

Anyone interested in 5G EMF protection should ensure they use a 5G shielding fabric

Does EMF Shielding Fabric Work?

EMF shielding fabrics are one step in EMF protection. Yet, there are many situations where EMF shielding fabric is not the perfect solution. For example, people who toss and turn or sleep hot can not guarantee they remain covered throughout the night.

In this case, the best solution is an EMF bed canopy shield.

EMF shielding paint, when applied correctly, can offer complete home protection.  This is perfect for people who are electrosensitive of those who also want more daily and layered defense.

However, an EMF fabric shield is an excellent first line of defense against EMF radiation.

Visit our EMF fabrics page to choose the right EMF shielding fabric for you.