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Box Shaped Anti EMF bed canopy (Extra High 6.5ft)


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Extra High Version

Canopy is 6.5 feet tall (2m) our regular canopy is 4.9 feet tall ( 1.5m)

Product description

This box-shaped shielding bed canopy is fabricated from Blocsilver, a fabric that offers the latest innovations in bed radiation protection.  Blocsilver canopies are lightweight, anti-bacterial, breathable, and durable and are the best on the market for defeating high levels of  Wi-Fi and cell tower radiation.

If you don’t want to engage in time-consuming and expensive EMF protection methods such as full building shielding with conductive shielding paint, window film, and window radiation shielding fabrics, a faraday cage bed is a great alternative. The Blocsilver box-shaped bed canopy will produce the most health benefits for anyone exposed to phone mast radiation and numerous W-Fi networks. The height is 6.5 feet tall (200 cm) across the board and there is enough space around the perimeter of the mattress to afford a comfortable night sleep, enabling you to rest in the knowledge that you and your family are shielded by a high-grade protective EMF netting.

If you’re allergic to your neighbor’s Wi-Fi, this is the EMF shielding fabric for you. It can be sewn and washed.  This fabric is also popular and sold by the linear meter.

Technical data:

Attenuation: 10MHz – 3GHz 35-60dB

Surface conductivity: <1ohm/inch

Shielding range: 10MHz~3GHz

How do I know it’s working

Once your EMF bed canopy (and if needed your EMF shielding bed mat too) is installed you will see a dramatic reduction in biologically dangerous wireless radiation within the enclosure. This does not necessarily mean your cell phone won’t work.

Your cell phone is designed to work in low signal areas.  It also wants to conserve battery life.  Therefore, it moderates the battery eating cell tower “check-in” or “handshake signal” to the minimum requirement.  Put simply the power turns down in good signal and up in poor. Your canopy will cause the phone to turn up its power as inside the canopy is a poor or no signal area.  Ultimately a canopy or shielding project can close a cell phone. It depends though how near your cell tower is as to how successful you will be in this. Remember then that phone signal is not an appropriate test for any kind of emf protection project.

The best way to test any EMF bed canopy is simple, use it!  Just get in and sleep in it. Give it three days for the body to adjust and feel the difference. If its properly installed and working, here’s what you will notice.

  • You will drop off to sleep more easily.
  • Deeper sleep will be evident with deeper dreams and less awakening.
  • The main one, you will feel more alive when you wake in the morning.
  • More stamina in the day.
  • Better immune system.

Probably the best scientific method to test your EMF canopy is to buy a simple EMF detector. Use it inside and outside the canopy to see the difference.

It is designed and made in the UK.

BlocSilver Bed Canopy Test

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